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Secure Mail

SecureMail Email Encryption Service

DataMotion SecureMail is a powerful, easy to use service that protects all sensitive data and file attachments sent between you, your business partners, and your clients, from theft or exposure. Its industry standard encryption minimizes exposure to regulatory violation and ensures compliance. SecureMail also reduces overall costs for businesses by cutting faxing, printing, postage, and courier costs, as well as reducing the need for IT support due to its ease of use. Most of our customers tell us that if they had known how easy to use and simple to set up SecureMail is, they would have implemented the service much sooner.

Secure Mail

Email Encryption Made Fast, Smart and Easy:

Learn more about DataMotion and our email encryption solutions. Watch the featured video below:

Email Encryption Made Fast, Smart and Easy

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Product Features

With SecureMail Desktop, businesses of all sizes can use enterprise-class security, including:

  • high-grade encryption with no encryption keys to manage
  • one-click button to encrypt and send messages
  • no additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • compatibility with mobile devices
  • send messages directly to recipient with nothing for them to install
  • built in tracking of all messages and files sent, received, and opened
  • handling documents and file attachments expandable to 2GB
  • easy to install, use and maintain

Business Benefits

  • Minimize exposure to regulatory violations, litigation, and penalties
  • Private, trusted, secure communication with your customers and partners
  • Cut costs of faxes, printing, postage, and courier services
  • Proof that recipients opened your messages
  • Up and running with little to no end user training

Industries Covered

  • Government
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Legal
  • SMB
  • Enterprise

Office 365 Encryption for Email and File Transfer:

DataMotion™ SecureMail for Microsoft Office 365 allows encrypted email and
file attachments to be sent from Office 365 without the need to install special
apps or exchange encryption keys.

Secure Mail