iXSM Complete

Supporting your Enterprise by Creating a Strategic Cloud Based IT Environment that Transitions with your Business Needs as the Marketplace Changes

iNetworks’ iXSM Complete Solutions – Enabling the Enterprise

Where Physical and Virtual Networks Collide

Long gone are the days of working tied to an office. Call a meeting and no self-respecting employee would dare show up without his requisite device. Even the idea of “telecommuting” has changed dramatically: from sitting at a home office in pajamas to working at any corner coffee shop or airport (not to mention Wi-Fi access at 10,000 feet). In this redefined workspace, the challenge is managing the internal telecom environment while at the same time untethering it from location dependency – be it desk, office or building – securely and reliably.

At iNetworks, we’ve risen to the challenge, consolidating the range of services typically provided by multiple vendors into single-source communications management across physical – and virtual – locations.

Now, instead of one vendor for data services, another for your Wi-Fi and yet another for your desktop services, count on iNetworks for enterprise-wide integrated network solutions. We’ll meet your reliability, cost and scalability criteria to design, implement and manage communications from the demarcation point throughout your organization’s physical and virtual spaces – be it an office building in Seattle, Washington or a remote employee in Washington, DC. Let us manage your internal telecom to the highest standards – yours – so you can manage your business.

Introducing the iNetworks iXSM Complete solution

iNetworks combines physical infrastructure and virtualization technologies with telecom-standard management practices to deploy a Workspace Solution (WS) customized to meet your needs.

This is no one-size fits all service but a flexible approach to delivering the best mix of technologies, services and applications – even incorporating legacy systems where appropriate.

iX Complete

The iNetworks Edge

Tired of managing multiple vendors, systems and networks? Confused by various service hours, report types and turnaround times? Overwhelmed by too many bills? Then you’re ready for iNetworks. All of our custom solutions come with with 99.99% reliability (or better), 7x24x365 support and guaranteed service level agreements. And if that’s not enough, all of our solutions come with cost-savings guarantees. Leverage the best mix of physical and virtual network access, save money and enjoy guaranteed service levels with an Integrated Network Solution from iNetworks. For a free consultation, contact iNetworks today.