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iNETWORKS Group cooperates with developer of Tokenless® two-factor authentication ®

October 28, 2014

Chicago/New York/London – The IT security expert SecurEnvoy is further strengthening its presence in North America. The creator of tokenless two-factor authentication recently entered into a partnership with the iNETWORKS Group. The globally active supplier of managed virtualization, cloud, IT, network and security solutions will thus now act as an Elite Reseller and Support Provider.

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iNETWORKS Adds Secure Remote Access System, NetillaOS - NetConnect to Portfolio

August 4, 2014

Los Angeles, CA – iNETWORKS Group, Inc. a provider of managed virtualization, cloud, IT, networking, and security solutions, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Northbridge Secure Systems, developer of the top real-time mobility and secure remote access system, NetillaOS NetConnect. iNETWORKS will serve as a distribution and support entity in North America for NetillaOS NetConnect.

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Breakthroughs in Tokenless Two Factor_Authentication

June 24, 2013

Misconceptions in secured Two Factor Authentication using voice and push notifications risk leaving networks vulnerable. See how the cloud has enabled innovations to session lock during authentication handshakes in limiting risks.

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Changing the Way Cloud is Delivered

iNETWORKS Group's innovative approach integrates the most cost effective, reliable components from hundreds of service providers into a comprehensive, custom built network solution for our customers.

Customers benefit by deploying a solution that is:

  • Uniquely designed to meet their business challenge
  • Comprised of the most cost effective, reliable, and deployable network components and services
  • Delivered by a single provider with complete accountability, focus, expertise, knowledge, and experience
  • Supported with an unrelenting focus on reliability and customer satisfaction